16 juni 2022 kl. 15.00-16.00  OBS! Evenemangetdatumet har redan passerat!

Developing a deposit-refund system for plastic packaging

The Swedish deposit-refund system is a well-functioning example of how circular economy can be realized in practice through a smart technical, organizational and financial solution. During this seminar, the most important lessons from the PANT-project will be presented, a KTH project that has analyzed how the deposit-refund system can be developed in the best way to capture and circulate a larger proportion of plastic packaging.

Nils Johansson, SEED KTH, will during the seminar give a brief overview of the emergence of deposit-refund systems in Sweden, starting with the introduction of the standardized 33 centiliter Stockholm bottle in the year 1886. Zheng Lu and Linus Hasselström, SEED KTH, will present an environmental economic evaluation of different approaches to developing the Swedish deposit-refund system for food boxes. Göran Finnveden, SEED KTH, concludes the presentation by summarizing the most important lessons from the project.

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